Effectively Removing “Virus: Win32/Neshta.A” from Windows: 4 Ways

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how do I remove Virus:Win32 / Neshta.A?

Hi, I recently noticed that my friend's PC that I use has the virus Win32/Neshta.A... May I know what is it and how to remove it?
I use his PC for my work, so I'm a bit worried.
Thank you!
Remove Viruses Now iolo's System Mechanic® will automatically remove Win32/Neshta.A virus and optimize, speed-up & protect your whole PC.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones to get a Windows Defender alarm with the identification of “Virus:Win32/Neshta.A” — don’t panic yet.
While it sounds alarming, we can easily block and remove this virus!

Let’s break down the mystery surrounding this detection—its origins, characteristics, and what it means for your digital security. Join us on a straightforward exploration to understand the ins and outs of “Virus:Win32/Neshta.A” and how Windows Defender & other anti-viruses play a crucial role in keeping our PC safe.

What is “Virus:Win32/Neshta.A” & Why Should You Care?

Win32/Neshta.A is a file virus1 that infects Windows executable files and threatens your computer by committing malicious actions, such as stealing data, corrupting the system structure, and spreading its infection to other files.

This virus uses several methods for infiltration, ranging from downloading an infected file to opening a contaminated email attachment and using other very sly tricks.

Note: Other email threats might contain Bittrex scams.
Also, learn how to avoid spam and phishing emails infecting your PC.

Be on alert, because this virus can find its way into your computer via various paths that bring with them potential dangers and disturbances.

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Understanding VirusWin32Neshta.A

Steps to Remove the Win32/Neshta.A Virus (Time to Complete: ~10-20 mins)

You’ve got a couple of ways to remove the Win32/Neshta.A virus out of your computer and we’ll help you uncover those! Check out these methods:

Solution #1: Conduct a Thorough Windows Defender Offline Scan

Remove Viruses Now iolo's System Mechanic® will automatically remove Win32/Neshta.A virus and optimize, speed-up & protect your whole PC.

First, you can start the troubleshooting process by carrying out a Windows Defender Offline scan that carefully looks at all files on your computer for potential threats. It is a comprehensive scan designed to detect and kill any malicious files that might be on your system. 

The time taken by the scanning can extend up to 15 minutes depending on the number of files stored. Access the Windows Defender settings to execute this scan:

  • Press the ‘Windows key + R’ to open the Run dialog box.
  • Enter ‘ms-settings: Type “Settings” in the search bar and press ‘Enter’ key to open Windows Settings.
  • Go to the “Privacy & Security” section and open “Windows Security”.
  • Select “Scan Options” in the “Virus & Threat Protection section”.
  • From among the scan options, select “Microsoft Defender Offline Scan” and hit “Scan Now”.
Choose Microsoft Defender Offline Scan
  • Give the scan some time to run, it may take a few minutes depending on how many files are in your collection.

Once the system completes scanning for Win32/Neshta.A virus, your system should then be free from it.

Solution #2: Run a Scan With Microsoft Safety Scanner

It is quite easy for you to get rid of the Win32/Neshta virus by using the Microsoft Safety Scanner, an anti-malicious software scanning tool that has been specifically designed and developed to eliminate malware from your computer.
This step is recommended to use in addition with other scans so that you’re 100% sure there’s no leftover viruses present.

To employ this scan tool, follow these steps:

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner
  • Enter the installer and follow the installation object.
  • Execute the installer and proceed with the installation process.
  • Opt for a “Full scan” under “Scan type” to thoroughly remove all viruses.
Select Full Scan in Microsoft Safety Scanner

Rest assured that once the scan is finished, your system will be free of any traces of Win32/Neshta.A malware.

Solution #3: Run a Scan With iolo System Mechanic

We recommend using an all-in-one software from iolo to completely remove any viruses and malware.
This is premium solution that will work as a standalone even if you decide to only use this step and skip others!
Follow these steps:

  • Run System Mechanic for Maintenance:
    In “Open System Mechanic” click “Analyze” to check the system.
  • Review the report of a scan for issues caused by virus.
Click Analyze under System Mechanic
  • Repair and Optimize: Use System Mechanic to repair issues identified (registry errors, clutters in the system). Use optimization tools such as memory optimization and startup manager.
Use iolo System Mechanic Tools
  • Restart Computer: Repair and optimization is done, now restart your PC.
  • Regular Maintenance: Use both antivirus and “System Mechanic” to scan your PC continuously.
  • Update both software regularly for best performance and security.

Solution #4: Try Re-setting Your Browser(s) to Factory Settings

It’s worth noting that this “Neshta” virus may extend its reach to your browser. In such a scenario, the recommended action is to reset your browser to its original factory state.

Accessing your browser’s settings is the key to performing this reset, and it’s essential to recognize that the process may vary across different browsers.

Outlined below are specific instructions on resetting Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox settings to default, a process that conveniently takes place within the Windows Settings, eliminating the need to navigate through the browser itself:

Reset Microsoft Edge Settings to Default

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing the ‘Windows key + R’ and type “ms-settings:” in the search bar.
  • Navigate to the “Apps” tab and click on “Installed Apps”.
  • Locate “Microsoft Edge”, click on the three dots, and select “Modify”.
Modify Microsoft Edge

This process not only resets the browser but also ensures the installation of the latest updates for Microsoft Edge.

Revert Chrome Settings to Default

Establishing this in Chrome is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Click on three dots in the top right corner and go to “Settings”.
  • On the left side of the screen, select “Reset settings”.
  • Click the “Restore default”.
  • Confirm by hitting the “Reset” settings button once more, and your browser will reset according to its default state.
Revert Chrome Settings to Default

Restore Firefox Settings to Default

To reset Firefox, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Select the three bars icon from the top right corner and access “Help”.
  • Click on “More troubleshooting information”.
  • On the right side of the screen, locate the “Refresh Firefox…” button. Click on it, and your browser will restart entirely.
Restore Firefox Settings to Default
  • Confirm the process and wait for its completion.

Following these steps ensures the complete elimination of any traces of Win32/Neshta.A from your browser.

Last Piece of Advice

All of the solutions provided above have been tested by our team at WindowsGuided and we truly hope by now you’ve successfully removed the virus.

In case nothing worked so far – we recommend downloading and running anti-virus and PC optimization software mentioned below.

Good luck!

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However, for some more advanced features & 100% effective fixes, you may need to purchase a full license.

If your Win32/Neshta.A  virus is still not removed — feel free to reach out to us via email and share your problem.

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