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Scams & Viruses

Billions of people are online daily, and even more simply use their PC for their daily work whether it’s offline or online.

Just as in real life where you can find a bunch of crooks and scammers — the internet is full of them as well. And we would dare to say that the majority of scamming nowadays happens online.

All because the internet brings a very convenient and “safe” wall between the scammer and the victim.

There are thousands of trojans, viruses, malware, adware and fake social engineering scams circulating online or even unknowingly sitting on many people’s computers.

Within this category, we’ll try to do a “policeman’s” job and warn users of various online scams, viruses, ransomware.
Not only that but we’ll also provide guides on how to get rid of them and prevent them from bringing damage to your PC and you!