Laptop Lagging When Charging? 10 Great Ways To Fix It!

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My Laptop is Lagging While Charging

Hi guys, my laptop is lagging everytime I am charging it... What could be an issue with it? Also, can you help me figure out how to fix it? Thank you!
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Sometimes, your Windows laptop may work slower than normal when you plug it into a power adapter.
This can happen because of several different issues. One problem is that your laptop may use less power to save energy when charging.

Another problem is that your laptop may have too many things running in the background or malware covertly being run in the background as well. These things use up your laptop’s resources and make it take longer to respond. They also need more resources for other essential items.

The third problem is that your laptop may have old graphics drivers1 or graphics settings that save energy. These can make your laptop work slower.

The laptop lagging problem when charging can disrupt your ordinary working flow. Things that are usually fast and easy may become stiff and slow. This can certainly affect your plans and goals.

If you are facing laptop lagging issues when in charging mode, you can try many different ways to fix it and we’ll talk about them in more detail later on.

You can try some quick fixes as well.

For example:

  1. finding and stopping high-consumption resources
  2. changing your power settings
  3. using an alternative power adapter
  4. and scanning your laptop for malware can help

However, the issues can persist if you cannot find the exact cause for the lagging problem. Therefore, finding the reason for the slowdown is crucial to choosing the best way to fix it.
In this guide, we will walk you through some simple and more advanced steps that you can take to make your Windows laptop work faster and smoother when charging.

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Fix Laptop Lagging Issue When Charging

4 Easy Solutions to Apply If Your Laptop Is Lagging On Charging

We recommend following and applying each step and solution one by one in order to fix the lagging problem on Windows laptops.
These troubleshooting steps are tested by professionals on Also, we suggest backing up any important files or data before applying these solutions.

Solution 1: Close All Unnecessary Tasks to Free Up Resources

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  • First, you must open “Task Manager” using the shortcut keys ‘Ctrl + Alt + Esc’.
Click Ctrl Alt Esc
  • Then click and navigate to the “Processes” tab.
  • Now, choose the unnecessary process or app and right-click individually.
End task in Task Manager
  • Choose the “End task” for each selected process or app to end the process.

Solution 2: Adjust the Power Mode to “Best Performance”

  • Right-click on “Start” and choose “Settings”.
Right Click Start Choose Settings
  • Then move to “System” and click on “Power & battery”.
System Power & Battery
  • Find the “Power mode option at the bottom and select “Performance from the drop-down list.
Power mode Best performance
  • Press the ‘Windows Key’, type the “Control Panel in the search box, and click “Open”.
Type Control Panel
  • Set the “View by” option to Category”.
  • Select “Hardware and SoundPower Options”.
  • Then, under the “Choose a power plan” option, select “High Performance”.
Hardware and Sound
Choose the Plan High Performance

Solution 3: Check CPU/Adapter Temperature to Reduce the Lagging

Check the CPU temperature and power adapter to see if nothing works with previous solutions. You can use the software CPUtemp or a hardware device to measure your laptop’s temperature. 

If it is too high, you may need to clean the dust from the vents, fans, and cooling channels or move your laptop to a cooler place. You can also use a cooling pad or fan to help lower the temperature.

Check the power adapter

If the CPU temperature is average, there may be an issue with the power adapter. Make sure the power adapter is not damaged or loose. You can test the power adapter with a multimeter to see if it works correctly and delivers enough voltage and current to your laptop. You can follow these steps to test your power adapter.

  • Disconnect the laptop charger from both ends.
  • Inspect for any physical damage signs, including scorch marks, cracks, or breaks in the insulation, or plug.
  • Connect the multimeter power leads to the adapter.
  • Turn on the multimeter and power strip.
  • Switch on the adapter if it has a switch.
  • Read the multimeter to determine the voltage put out by the adapter. It should match the written rating on the label of your device. If not, it is time to forget the adapter and get a new one.
inspect for physical damage

Solution 4: Prevent Overheating by Improving Ventilation

Check laptop fans

The high heat produced by your PC components could be one of the reasons for any laptop to slow down or lag when charging.

A small amount of the power is converted into heat while your laptop is plugged in for charging, which needs to be dissipated. It can quickly build up and increase laptop temperatures if it does not find a way out. As a result, your laptop becomes sluggish in performance.  Therefore, you should not ignore your laptop lagging due to high heat levels.

We recommend you check the laptop’s fans and check whether they are spinning perfectly or have dust on them. If there is dust, we recommend cleaning them properly using proper tools. It is suggested that you should seek help from a laptop or computer technician. Also, if the temperature is too high, help your laptop vent the heat comfortably to resolve the problem.

6 Advanced Solutions to Fix PC/Laptop Lag Issues

If the above easy solutions didn’t do the trick, don’t worry, you still have some chance! Let’s take a look at these 6 advanced solutions to fix your lagging computer during the charging process.

Advanced Solution 1: Install the Latest Drivers for Your Laptop Hardware

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  • Press the ‘Windows key + R’ to open “RUN”.
  • Then type “devmgmt.msc” and click “OK” (This will open Device Manager).
  • Navigate to each category of drivers by expanding them one by one.
Type devmgmt.msc
  • After that, look for a yellow exclamation mark beside any driver.
  • Right-click the driver with the exclamation mark and choose “Update driver.
Click Update Driver
  • Click on “Search automatically for drivers” and follow the on-screen instructions.
Click Search automatically for drivers

If you see “The best drivers for your device are already installed”, follow these steps to reinstall the driver:

  • Right-click the driver and select “Uninstall device.
Click Uninstall device
  • Click on “Action” and select “Scan for hardware changes” to reinstall the driver.
  • Restart your computer to apply the changes.

Advanced Solution 2: Uninstall or Disable Resource-Intensive Applications

Click Uninstall

Some applications on your computer may take many resources, such as memory, CPU, disk space, or battery. These applications can slow down your laptop, cause errors, or drain your battery life; as a result, it is possible that your computer may lag when you put it on charging. You should identify and remove these resource-intensive applications to improve your computer’s performance and efficiency. You can use tools like Task Manager, Resource Monitor, or Activity Monitor to see which applications use the most resources. You can uninstall, disable, or close these applications to free up resources and fix laptop-lagging problems when charging.

Advanced Solution 3: Change the Processor Power Management Settings

  • Open the “Control Panel” and navigate to “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Click on “Power Options”.
  • Choose the “Change Plan Settings” option.
Change Plan Settings
  • Select “Change Advanced Power settings“.
Change advanced power settings
  • Click the Plus icon next to “Processor Power Management“.
Click Processor Power Management
  • Click the Plus button next to “Maximum processor state”.
  • Change the percentage to plug into 95% or lower.
Set Maximum processor state to 95

Advanced Solution 4: Scan and Remove Malware with Windows Security

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Malware, such as viruses, worms, trojans2, ransomware, spyware, or adware3, disrupts the normal working of your Laptop. It can infect your computer in various ways, such as downloading malicious files, clicking on suspicious links, opening infected email attachments, or connecting to unsecured networks.

In short, these can cause severe problems for your computer and your data, such as slowing down your System, deleting or encrypting your files, stealing your information, displaying unwanted ads or pop-ups, or redirecting you to fake websites. It could be possible that your Laptop lags on charging; we cannot deny the malware is responsible for it. We recommend you install any advanced malware detection tool to keep your Laptop updated and clean from any threats and viruses. 

We also recommended performing a virus scan of your Laptop using Microsoft Defender. Here is how you can do this:

  • Open your “Windows Security” settings.
  • Select “Virus & Threat Protection > Scan options”.
Virus & Threat Protection Scan options
  • Select the type of Scan you want to perform from the following choices:
    > Quick Scan: It checks the most common areas where malware might hide and takes about 30 seconds to complete.
    > Full Scan: This Scan performs analysis of all files and programs on your PC and takes about an hour to complete.
    > Custom scan: It lets you choose which folders or drives you want to check for malware and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

We choose Full Scan, now Microsoft Defender Offline scan runs before Windows starts and checks all files on your PC for malware. It takes about 15 minutes to complete and then restarts your PC.

  •  Select “Scan Now”.
Select Scan Now

The scan results will show if any malware was found and how it was removed or quarantined. You should also update your anti-malware program regularly to protect yourself from new threats.

Advanced Solution 5: Reset the BIOS Settings to the Original State

  • Press ‘Windows key + I’ to open “Setting”.
  • Now select “System” and select “Recovery”.
  • Find “Recovery options > Advanced Startup > Restart Now” button.
Recovery options  Advanced Startup  Restart Now
  • On the “Choose an option” screen, select “choose Troubleshoot”.
Choose an option Troubleshoot
  • Select “Advanced options > Troubleshoot”, choose “UEFI Firmware Settings.
Select UEFI Firmware Settings
  • Click “Restart”.
  • In the “BIOS” menu, navigate to “File”.
  • Select “Apply Defaults”.
  • Choose “Exit” to save the changes.

Advanced Solution 6: Upgrade or Replace Your Hardware Components to Fix Laptop Lag

Replace Laptop Hardware

The last resort of help is updating or replacing your hardware components if you need help with the other steps. Updating your hardware can help you fix the lagging issue on your Laptop. It can improve your Laptop’s Performance, speed, and battery life. Try changing or replacing old hardware such as batteries, adapters, RAM, hard disks, or even CMOS to see if the lagging problem can be fixed.

Final Verdict

We hope this comprehensive guide helps you fix things with your laptop lagging on charging. The total of 10 solutions have been practically implemented and have successfully resolved the problems for many users.

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