How to Fix Error 740 While Adding Printer on Windows 10 or 11

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Printer Error 740 While Trying to Add a Printer in Windows 11

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Well, this is new: hit 'add printer' in Windows 11 and got greeted by Error 740. Clearly, my printer has some issues. Any experts out there who can help me out resolving this?
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Welcome to our detailed guide on resolving the well-known Windows Printer Setup Error 740. If you’ve encountered this irritating error, you’re not alone.
Many Windows users face this technical glitch, but it can be fixed with the right solution. In this guide, we’ll cover all aspects of troubleshooting this error. We’ll explore why this error occurs, what it looks like, and provide 5 easy and 3 advanced solutions to fix the error.

How to Fix Error 740 While Adding Printer on Windows 10 or 11

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If you’re in a rush, you can quickly check the following solutions:

TL;DR with simple, quick fixes to fix error 740 while adding a printer on Windows 10 or 11

  • Run the administrator account to operate the printer: Sometimes the problem can be resolved right away by choosing to “Run as administrator” when you right-click the printer configuration file.
  • Use the Printer Troubleshooter in Windows: Use the built-in Printer Troubleshooter in Windows to identify and fix common printer problems.
  • Disable User Account Control: Temporarily disable User Account Control (UAC) by adjusting the settings in the Control Panel.
  • Manually add a printer: Resolve printer issues by manually adding the printer to your system.
  • Update your version of Windows: Keep your system updated to resolve compatibility issues, including printer-related issues.

We’ll take a closer look at each solution in the upcoming sections but before that let’s begin by understanding the Error.

Understanding Printer Setup Error 740

This error is mainly your system notifying you of a permissions problem. In simpler terms, your Windows operating system is informing you that adding a printer requires elevated access. Windows’ strict user account control procedures, which are intended to stop unwanted modifications to your system, are frequently the cause of this circumstance. Incompatible or outdated printer drivers can occasionally also be the cause of this error.

Error 740 sample

What does Error 740 look like now? Usually, a dialog box saying something like “Error 740: The requested operation requires elevation” shows up when you try to install or add a printer. This notice indicates that to continue with the printer configuration, the system has to be granted higher-level permissions.

5 Easy Ways to Fix Error 740
While Adding a Printer on Windows 10 or 11

It can be challenging to navigate printer failures, but fear not—we’ve got you covered with some simple fixes for the troublesome Error 740. These methods are intended for all users, regardless of their level of technical knowledge. Let’s get going now!

Solution 1: Add Administrator Privileges to the Printer

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Running the printer setup as administrator is one of the easiest ways to get around Error 740. You can follow the below steps:

  • Find the printer setup file, which is typically a .exe file. 
  • When you right-click on it, choose “Run as administrator.”
  • To finish the setup, follow the directions displayed on the screen.
Run printer setup file as administrator

This method works especially well when the only concern is one of permission.

Solution 2: Run the Troubleshooter for Printers

The printer troubleshooter is an invaluable tool for addressing printer-related issues. Windows comes with a range of troubleshooters designed to fix common issues automatically. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • In the Windows search bar, type “troubleshoot” and choose “Troubleshoot settings.”
  • Click on “Additional troubleshooters”.
  • After locating and choosing “Printer,” click “Run the troubleshooter”.
  • Follow the instructions and make any suggested corrections.

Solution 3: Disable User Account Control Temporarily

Windows includes User Account Control (UAC) as a security feature. Turning it off for a short while might sometimes fix the issue. You may proceed with the following steps:

  • To access “Change User Account Control settings,” press ‘Windows Key + S’, enter “UAC,” and click “OK”.
  • Click OK after swiping the bar down to “Never notify”.
  • Install your printer once again, if possible.
  • Remember to return the UAC settings to their initial condition after finishing.

Solution 4: Manually Add a Printer

Manually adding the printer can be a wonderful option if the automatic setup fails. Below are the steps for manually adding a Printer:

  • Go to the Start menu and select “Settings”.
  • Select “Printers & scanners” under “Devices.”
  • If your printer isn’t listed, choose “The printer that I want isn’t listed” after clicking “Add a printer or scanner”.
  • Once you have chosen “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings,” proceed with the on-screen instructions.

Solution 5: Install Windows Updates

Updating your system will fix compatibility problems that may result in errors such as 740 in addition to adding new functionality. Follow these instructions to install updates:

  • When you open “Settings,” select “Update & Security”.
  • Click “Check for updates”.
  • Install any available updates, then restart your computer.
Check for Updates

3 Advanced Ways to Fix Printer Error 740
on Windows

Now that you’ve looked at the basic troubleshooting steps, let’s delve into advanced fixes for Windows Printer Setup Error 740. These solutions require a little more technical know-how. But don’t worry, I’ll walk you through every step clearly and straightforwardly.

Adv. Solution 1:  Setup a Local Administrator Account

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Sometimes, using a different user account with more privileges is the answer. Below are the steps to follow:

  • To access “Settings”, press ‘Windows Key + I’.
  • Select “Family & Other Users” under “Accounts”.
Family & other users
  • Click “Add someone else to this PC” under “Other users”.
Add someone else to this PC
  • Select “Add a user without a Microsoft account” after selecting “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information”.
  • Choose “Next” after entering a new username and password.
Choose how to sign in in Microsoft
  • Click on the account after it has been created, then choose “Change account type”.
  • Click “OK” after changing the account type to “Administrator”.
  • To attempt adding the printer, log out of your present account and log into the newly set up administrator account.

Adv. Solution 2: Check the Printer Drivers

Printer problems are frequently caused by outdated printer drivers. 

  • Press the ‘Windows Key + X’ keys to open the “Device Manager”.
  • Select “Update driver” when you right-click your printer after selecting “Printers” or “Print queues”.
  • Choose “Automatically search for updated driver software”.
  • To install any available updates, follow the instructions.

For the most recent drivers, you can also go to the website of the printer’s manufacturer.

Adv. Solution 3: Reinstall the Printer Driver

Error 740 may be caused by a driver that is corrupt. Sometimes reinstalling it solves all the problems.


  • By right-clicking the “Start” button and choosing “Device Manager” from the menu, you may access it.
  • In the “Printers” section, expand.
  • To remove a printer, right-click on it and choose “Uninstall device”.
  • Confirm any requests to remove the driver.
  • After uninstalling, go to the printer manufacturer’s website and get the most recent driver compatible with your printer model.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to install the downloaded driver.
Uninstall driver for Printer

Final Words

With this solution, we’ve completed our guide to resolving Printer Setup Error 740 on Windows! We hope that one of these steps has successfully fixed the error for you. 

If the error is still not fixed, we recommend downloading and running the auto-fix software offered below, it helps in resolving most of the PC errors.
Good luck!

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