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Copy Paste is not working in my WhatsApp

Hi, I am having an issue with my WhatsApp. The copy-paste is not working and I badly wanted to use it. Can you help me fix it?
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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications used by millions worldwide. Because of its many functions and user-friendly interface, it has become an integral part of our everyday communication. However, like any other application, WhatsApp may also face some issues from time to time.

Copy Paste Not Working in WhatsApp

Some users may experience issues copying and pasting content from one chat window to another or from an external source, regardless of whether they use Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. This can be annoying, particularly if you have contacts with whom you must share important details. But worry not, as this article will guide you through steps to resolve the error if the copy-paste is not working on WhatsApp Web. 

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TLDR: Quick Fixing of Copy Paste Not Working in WhatsApp

These speedy fixes are for people who are in a hurry:

  1. Refresh the Web Browser
  2. Use the updated version of the Web Browser
  3. Make sure you are logged in to WhatsApp Web
  4. Delete Caches1 and Cookies

What Causes Copy Paste Not Working in WhatsApp Web?

Several factors can contribute to copy-paste problems in WhatsApp Web:

  • Temporary Glitches: Occasionally, temporary glitches or issues with WhatsApp’s servers or your computer can disrupt copy-paste functionality.
  • Software Bugs: WhatsApp might have software bugs that could interfere with copy-paste operations.
  • Outdated Browser Version: Using an outdated version of your browser can result in compatibility issues with WhatsApp Web.
  • Security Software or Firewalls: Some security software or firewalls on your computer may block specific features of WhatsApp Web, including copy-paste functionality.

How Does Copy Paste Error Look Like in WhatsApp Web?

When copy-paste is not working in WhatsApp Web, you may encounter the following symptoms and behaviors that indicate the issue:

  • When you try to click and drag to select the text, it may not respond as expected, making it impossible to copy text.
  • When you right-click on selected text or use keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C for copy, Ctrl+V for paste), the copy-paste options may not appear or may be greyed out and inaccessible.
  • Even if you select and copy text from other sources (e.g., a web page or document), attempting to paste it into a WhatsApp Web chat may yield a different result.
  • In some instances, particularly if the issue is related to browser compatibility or JavaScript errors, you may see error messages or warnings in the browser’s developer console when attempting to copy or paste text in WhatsApp Web.

Don’t let this minor setback affect your experience, and stay connected with your loved ones effortlessly on WhatsApp Web!

5 Easy Solutions to Fix Copy Paste Not Working in WhatsApp Web (Time It Takes: ~5-10 mins)

To fix the copy paste not working in WhatsApp Web issue, use these easy solutions:

Solution #1: Refresh WhatsApp Web 

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Sometimes, refreshing the WhatsApp Web page can resolve the copy-paste problem. Simply press ‘Ctrl + F5’ (or ‘Cmd + Shift + R’ on Mac) to perform a hard refresh.

Click Ctrl F5

Solution #2: Check and Remove Browser Extensions 

Some browser extensions or add-ons can interfere with WhatsApp Web’s functionality. To quickly fix this error, disable or remove any extensions you suspect might be causing the issue.

Remove Chrome Extension

Solution #3: Fix Internet Connection Issues 

WhatsApp Web’s functioning may be impacted by a sluggish or unstable internet connection. Ensure your phone and PC are connected to the stable internet if you want to use the copy paste option.

This might be helpful if your PC/laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi.

Check Internet Connection

Solution #4: Expiration of WhatsApp Web Sessions 

WhatsApp Web sessions expire after a certain period of inactivity or if you log out. In such cases, you need to re-scan the QR code on WhatsApp Web to re-establish the connection and use the copy paste option in WhatsApp Web. 

Re-scan the QR code in WhatsApp Web

Solution #5: Outdated Browser Version 

An outdated browser version may need to be fully compatible with WhatsApp Web. Make sure the browser version you are using is the most updated one. Only after this you can use this copy paste feature. 

Outdated Browser Version

2 Advanced Solutions to Fix
Copy Paste Not Working in WhatsApp Web (Time It Takes: ~5-10 mins)

Solution #6: Delete Browser Cache and Cookies 

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Cookies and cached data can build up in your browser over time and could cause problems. Clearing them can help. You can clear the caches in Chrome and Safari using the following steps: 

In Chrome:

  • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Go to “More tools” and select “Clear browsing data”.
  • Choose “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”.
  • Click “Clear data”.
Clear Google Chrome Browsing Data

Chrome will clear the selected data. It can take a moment, so be patient. Close Google Chrome and open it again after deleting the cache and cookies.

In Safari: Launch the Safari browser on your Mac or iOS device.

> For Mac: 

  • Click on “Safari” in the top-left corner of the screen and select “Preferences” or “Settings”.
  • In the Preferences window on Mac, click the “Privacy” tab.
  • In the Mac’s Privacy tab, click the “Manage Website Data” button.
  • Then, click “Remove All” to clear all website data, including cache and cookies.
  • A confirmation prompt will appear. Click “Remove Now” on Mac.

> For iOS: 

  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to “Settings” > “Safari”.
  • In iOS settings, scroll down and tap on “Safari”.
  • On iOS, tap “Clear History and Website Data” to remove cache and cookies.
  • Tap on “Clear History and Data” on iOS to confirm.

After clearing the cache and cookies, restart the Safari browser.

Solution #7: Browser Compatibility Issues 

Certain web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, have been customised for WhatsApp Web. Your browser may only work properly if it is updated or supported. To use copy paste option on WhatsApp Web, make sure your browser is compatible with WhatsApp.

You can contact WhatsApp support via the mobile app if you need help fixing the problem. They can offer you particular help for your circumstances.

Contact WhatsApp


Q: Is it possible to copy and paste on WhatsApp Web?

Ans: Yes, you can copy and paste in WhatsApp Web using the usual keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste).

Q: What should I do if my WhatsApp copy-paste doesn’t work?

Ans: First, check if your WhatsApp and device are up to date. If the problem persists, try clearing the app’s cache or restarting your device. Alternatively, you can try to reinstall the software or force it to stop.

Q: Is there a restriction on how much I can copy and paste in WhatsApp?

Ans: Yes, there is a limit of 65,536 characters for each message in WhatsApp. This means you can only copy and paste up to this number of characters before reaching the limit.

Q: Is it possible to copy and paste multiple WhatsApp messages simultaneously?

Ans: You can only copy and paste one message at a time in WhatsApp. However, you can select multiple messages within a chat and forward them to another chat.

Is The Copy-Paste Function Working Now?

Wrapping it up, and resolving the issue of copy-paste not working in WhatsApp isn’t that difficult. We’ve explored a variety of potential causes, from browser compatibility to cache and cookie problems, and provided detailed solutions for each. We certainly hope that by now you’ve successfully solved the copy-paste error.

However, if you still experience certain issues, there might be a deeper problem hidden in your PC, that’s why we recommend scanning your system with iolo System Mechanic and letting it fix all the issues automatically.
Good luck!

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