4 Ways to Open EPUB Files on Windows 10 & 11

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Struggling to Open EPUB Files


I have my ebook on my Windows but struggling to open the EPUB file...
Any easy way to do it?
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Digital content comes in many ways, and EPUB1 is just one of those. Although this format is becoming more popular for book readers, there is still no native support available for it in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to open an EPUB file. From file converters to online readers, we’ve listed some of the most popular options to read your EPUB ebooks below. 

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4 Ways to Open EPUB Files

Why Do People Use EPUB Files In The First Place? 

EPUBs or Electronic Publication is a file format commonly used to distribute digital books through Kindle and other channels. This ebook file format has been popular recently due to its advantages. 

  • Device Compatibility: You can read ebooks on various devices as long as an EPUB reader app (like Amazon’s Kindle service) is available for the platform. 
  • Rich Content: EPUB can incorporate multimedia elements such as images, audio, and video, along with interactivity and scripting. 
  • Lightweight: EPUBs are significantly more portable, customizable, and navigable than PDF files while storing the same information. 
  • Reflowable Content: EPUB supports reflowable content, meaning the text can automatically adjust and fit different screen sizes.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM): EPUB can be protected with DRM to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution, addressing the concerns of publishers and authors regarding digital rights and piracy.

4 Different Methods to Open EPUB Files on Windows

Windows doesn’t have native support for .epub files. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied with third-party apps or browser extensions. Learn how to read your EPUBs with these four methods below. 

Method 1: Use an EPUB Reader

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The easiest way to open EPUB files in Windows is to download and install an EPUB app. 

  • Choose and download your EPUB Reader app through the Microsoft Store or other sources
  • Install and configure the app based on your preferred reading experience. 
Search for an EPUB Reader app
  • For this tutorial, we’ll be using SumatraPDF. Download and install the app. 
  • Manually locate and load your ‘EPUB book‘ in the app and start reading.
  • If you have a robust PDF opener with EPUB support, right-click your file, click “Open With”, and choose your reader.
Choose SumatraPDF

Notable EPUB Ebook Readers: Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions, FBReader, Sumatra PDF, IceCream EPUB Reader, Moon+ Reader, and Kobo. 

Method 2: Use Browser Extensions

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Another way to read an EPUB is to use a reader extension to your browser. 

  • Open your preferred browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser).
  • Go to the browser’s extension store and search for “EPUB reader extension or similar. 
  • Choose and install a suitable extension (EPUBReader, for example).
Use Browser Extensions
  • Open the EPUB with the extension and begin reading
  • Adjust your zoom level as needed. 

Notable EPUB Reader Extensions: Readium, EPUBReader, MagicScroll eBook Reader, and FBReader. 

Method 3: Convert Your File Format to PDF

You can also convert EPUB files into a more usable format if you want to use your preferred reader. Avoid using this method for opening and reading sensitive files.  

  • Locate a file conversion tool online (google for “epub to pdf online”). Ensure it supports converting epub to PDF.
  • Upload the EPUB file you want to open.
File Conversion Tool Online
  • Wait for the conversion to complete.
  • Download the converted PDF file.
Download converted epub
  • Open and read your newly converted ebook.

Notable EPUB Converters: Convertio, Zamzar, Ebook Converter, Online-Convert, and more.

Method 4: Use an Online EPUB Reader

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You can also use the EPUB book reader online if you don’t want to install a new app on your device. 

  • Search for an online EPUB reader. Select a reputable online EPUB reading platform.
Search for an online epub reader
  • Navigate to the website of the chosen reader.
  • Upload the ebook file you want to open.
  • Open the uploaded EPUB file in the reader.
  • Use the online reader to open and read the book.
Use an Online EPUB Reader
  • Enjoy easy access to your EPUB content.

Notable Online EPUB Readers: EPUB Reader Online and Jumpshare

What About Microsoft Edge Native Support? 

  • Go to Microsoft Edge “settings” and navigate to “System and Performance.
  • Turn off the “Startup Boost option and close the browser. 
Turn off Startup Boost
  • Right-click on the Microsoft Edge icon and select “Properties.
  • In the Target field, copy and paste this code:
  • Make sure that the code is placed after “msedge.exe
  • Click “OK to save the changes. 

You can now open EPUBs on Microsoft Edge by ‘pressing Ctrl + O’ and then navigating to your file.

That’s it! Now you have many ways under your sleeve to open EPUB files in your Windows system.
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