Game Launches on Wrong Monitor or Dual-monitor Not Working (100% Working Fixes, 8 Ways)

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Game is Launching on Wrong Monitor

Greetings, fellow gamers!

Ever had a game just decide it wants to launch on a different monitor than you intended? As if it's got a mind of its own! Well, I'm caught in that struggle and could use your expertise.
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Playing games on multiple monitors gives a more immersive experience than watching movies in cinemas. It is truly a dream moment for many gamers to have multiple monitor setups and have this amazing gaming experience. Just think about playing GTA VI on your dream setup when it is launched!

But what if your games keep opening on a single monitor, not on both, or on the wrong one? It could be frustrating and can disrupt your gaming sessions.
Fixing wrong monitor gaming issues becomes more time-consuming, as you don’t know why this is happening. This could happen for many reasons, including loose cables, outdated system drivers1, graphics drivers, misconfigured display settings, and more.  
In some cases, running games using game launchers could lead to these issues, as games launch on the same screen as the launcher runs on.

Game Launching on Wrong Monitor

If you are facing this issue one too many times and nothing works, then don’t worry; we bring this guide to discuss some common reasons why this is happening and recommend solutions to fix why your games are launched on the wrong monitor. Before diving into solutions, let’s discuss the reasons for your wrong monitor gameplay.

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4 Reasons Why Your Games Don’t Launch on Your Multi-monitor Setup & Quick Ways to Fix It (Implementation Time: ~5-10 mins)

For gaming, PCs are considered more powerful to support Multi-Monitor setups for all kinds of tasks. The games and software are made specially to run multiple monitors on Windows as the PC supports more external and internal peripherals to attach. However, recently, we have users reported that when they try to run gaming on a double monitor, it runs only on a single monitor. It is true and you may have some problems arise when you set your setup and try gaming on multiple monitors.
The most common reasons include monitor not detected, windows color distortion, low resolutions, wrong refresh rate, invalid scaling settings, and unclear display images.

We recommend fixing each problem one by one and adjusting these settings to make sure every monitor is running perfectly.

Below, we discuss these problems and also provide a step-by-step guide on how to fix them.

#1: Monitor is not Detected

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Invalid software settings could cause this error, like Monitor Not Detected or No Signal when you turn on your monitor. To fix this problem you need to allow your Windows to detect your monitor. Here is how you can do this:

  • Open the “Start” menu and then select “Settings”.
  • Navigate to “System” and choose “Display”. Click on “Detect” button.
Detect Display

Still, if Windows fails to detect your monitor, then we recommend updating display drivers and then reconnecting the monitor. 

#2: Windows Color Distortion 

Color distortion and multiple colors may leave you surprised or uncomfortable on your running monitors. For this purpose, all monitors should be linked and matched to the same color, which gives you a comfortable view.

Here is how you check and fix color distortion:

  • Press Windows + I’ to open settings.
  • Now click on “System” and select “Display > Advanced Display Settings”. Choose your preferred monitor.
Click Advanced Display Settings
  • Click on “Display Adapter Properties”. After that, open the list for “All Modes” from the “Adapter” tab.
List All Modes for Display
  • Now select the highest bit number and click “OK” to save changes.

Keep repeating these steps every time for your setup-connected monitors.

#3: Lower Resolution Problem

If your monitor is not configured properly, then you can face lower-resolution graphics on Windows monitors. We always recommend using suitable and exact resolutions for all your connected monitors.

Here is how you can fix a low-resolution monitor problem:

  • Open Windows “Settings” (either by ‘Start’ menu or pressing Windows + I)
  • Select “Display” and scroll down to Display Resolution.
Pick accurate resolution  for your monitors
  • Click on the drop-down menu and pick your accurate screen size or resolution size for all your connected monitors.

After choosing the proper resolution, if you still have low image quality, then we suggest you try lowering your graphics settings and display resolution in the game and keep testing each resolution until you reach the desirable spot for image quality.

#4: Refresh Rate Problem

One of the primary issues with scattered and blurry images is the incorrect refresh rate2. You may get low resolutions and blurry content with refresh rate settings. We recommend adjusting and modifying your current refresh rate correctly for your connected monitors to fix this problem.

Here is how to fix your monitor refresh rate issues:

  • Click on “Start” menu and open “Settings”.
  • Now click on “System” and choose “Display”. 
  • Now select your connected monitors and update the “Refresh Rate”.
Refresh Rate Problem

We have discussed common reasons why your gaming doesn’t run on both monitors or a single one. Now, let’s fix the game opening on the wrong monitor. 

8 Solutions to Fix Games Opening on the Wrong Monitor (Implementation Time: ~8-12 mins)

Each of these solutions is tested and performed by experts of WindowGuided. Most users found their problems resolved after applying these solutions. We recommend you follow up and try these remedies, and we are sure that one of these will fix your gaming problem, too.

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Solution #1 – Try to Move Your Running Game to Right Monitor

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The first solution we recommend is to move your mouse pointer to the game icon in the taskbar. 

Here is how you can do this:

  • Move your cursor on the currently running game icon in the ‘taskbar’.
  • When you preview the game screen, choose “Restore”.
Move Running Game to Right Monitor
  • After that, hover your mouse icon over the game preview screen and click on “Move”.
  • Press ‘Windows + Shift + Left or Right arrow key’ to move to the monitor you want.
  • Now click on the “Restore” button.
  • Restart the game to see if the problem persists.

Solution #2 – Modify Your Windows Display Settings

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  • Press ‘Ctrl + Shift + Delete’ to open the task manager.
  • Navigate to the “Processes” tab and close all game-related processes one by one.
End Task in Task Manager
  • Now go to “System” and then click on “Display” and make sure you have selected the recommended option from the given drop-down.
  • Select “Invalid Monitor” from the multiple display option and choose “Show Only on 1”
  • Now restart your PC to see if the problem has been fixed.
  • Launch the game Correct Monitor and exit the game using step 1.
Modify Your Windows Display Settings

Solution #3- Make Sure Multiple Display Are Configured Properly

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If applying the previous solution doesn’t run your game on the wrong monitor, then make sure that your multiple displays are working properly via your graphic card provider software. In some cases, you might have trouble detecting a second monitor can cause the problem. So we recommend you to manually step up your display. Here is how you can set multiple displays easily:

  • Right-click on the desktop’s blank area and choose your graphic card provider’s “control panel”. (In this case, we are running NVidia).
  • In the “Control Panel”, select “Set up Multiple Displays”
NVidia Control Panel
  • Check all boxes for desired monitors you may want to use.
  • Now save the changes and restart your PC to see if the problem has been fixed.

Solution #4 – Use Dual Monitor Management Tools to Fix Wrong Monitor Issue 

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Use Dual Monitor Management Tools

Using dual monitoring management tools becomes handy when your games launch on the wrong monitor continuously. You can use these tools to switch to a second monitor efficiently, as these tools are known to be lightweight, improve performance, and boost productivity. 

1. MultiMonitorTool

This smart, intelligent tool lets you handle your tasks whenever you need to use different monitor setups for gaming. This software lets you turn multiple monitors on or offs. Also, you can set the primary monitor and go on saving or reuse configurations for all the display monitors later on. Plus, this tool can shift Windows from one monitor to a second monitor.

2. NVIDIA nView (for Win 7-10)
3. NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager (for Win 10-11)

NVIDIA nView & RTX Desktop Manage are some excellent tools that manage and set up multiple display monitors for gaming. This software comes with a user-friendly interface with super easy display management tools along with desktop customization features. You can use this tool to troubleshoot and fix any multiple display problems.

Solution #5 – Update Your PC to the Latest Windows Build

Old Windows versions can conflict and create problems for smooth game running and other user experiences. We recommend you update your old Windows by following these steps:

  • Press the ‘Windows Key’ and type “Check For Updates”.
Type check for updates
  • Wait for Windows to search for the latest updates.
  • Download and install the latest updates if available.
  • Restart your PC to see if the problem has been resolved.

Solution #6 – Use the Key Combinations to Switch Screens

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Many users also report that their Steam games keep launching on the wrong monitor. Launching games on multiple desktops on Steam can be fixed by switching screens using key combinations.

Here is how you can do this:

  • Start the affected game and wait for its loading.
  • Press ‘Win + P’ to access the project settings and then choose “Second Screen Only”. This will turn your game back to the primary display monitor.
Use the Key Combinations to Switch Screens
  • Now Press ‘Win + P’ again and select “Choose PC screen only”.
  • After doing all the steps, close the game and then restart to see if it launches on the right monitor.

Solution #7 – Game Windowed Mode Can Fix Wrong Monitor Problem

Trying Game Windowed Mode

Windowed mode can be a handy solution to fix the wrong monitor gameplay problem. You can switch between windowed or full-screen mode while playing games by simply pressing the keyboard shortcut. Try pressing and holding the ‘Alt + Enter’ keys together during any full-screen gameplay to turn that game into windowed mode. But the problem is this is not a universal keyboard shortcut that almost every game supports.So, in case ‘Alt + Enter’ doesn’t work, then you will also find windowed mode in the game display mode setting. Most games include this mode option within their display setting.

Solution #8 – Finally, Try Disabling Your Wrong Monitor

We hope that your problem has been fixed by following our previous solutions, but in case nothing works, then you can try disabling the wrong monitor as a last resort of help. Here is how you can do this:

  • Close all game-related tasks in “Task Manager”.
  • Move to the desktop wallpaper and open “Display Setting”.
  • Scroll down, find “Multiple Display”, and select the wrong monitor.
  • Select “Disconnect This Display” from the menu and restart your Windows.
Disconnect This Display
  • After restart, launch the game on the desired monitor and exit it by following Step 1.
  • Then re-enable the wrong monitor to see if the problem has been fixed, incase if not, repeat Steps 2-4.
  • Now expand the “Monitor” category and disconnect all displays except the current monitor by right-clicking and selecting “Disable Device”.
  • Restart your computer and repeat Step 5 to re-enable, disable, or correct the monitor. 

Okay, now we have discussed the fixes you can follow to resolve the wrong monitor gaming problem. But after following these solutions, you may encounter two situations: First, your one monitor may not work, or sometimes it may lag. Below we have discussed these problems and provided some tips you can take to get rid of this situation.

What to Do if One Monitor is Not Working?

The first issue you may encounter could be that your monitor will not show anything despite being connected properly. This may occur due to many reasons.
First, you have to check whether your monitor is not defective. To do this, you can connect an alternative monitor as the primary monitor and disconnect all other monitors. Make sure to check all cables are in good health and not loose. Use the appropriate ports and try switching different port types for the connections. Also, you can replace your connection to VGA/DVI from previous HDMI display ports to diagnose the faulty monitor.

What to Do if One Monitor Lags While Gaming?

The second common problem is lagging, which is considered as annoying and frustrating. When your game lags in a multi-monitor setup it significantly affects the performance and your gaming experience. We recommend you make sure both monitors are running at the exact resolutions.

You can also set the refresh rate for monitors in a divisible way. For example, if your monitor has a 120Hz refresh rate and the other has to run on a 60Hz or 240Hz refresh rate.

Occasionally, games lag when your GPU is running on a heavy load. Running multiple desktop monitors puts a massive load on the GPU, and your games become unstable and distorted. To resolve this issue, you can close all heavy games or other apps that might consume your GPU power or upgrade your GPU.

You can, moreover disable hardware acceleration from your browser (Chrome or Firefox) to reduce some load from your GPU. On top of that, it is always best to keep your PC or GPU setting optimized for a smoother gaming experience. 

Note: if your laptop is lagging while charging — this might impact gaming as well. We have a fix-guide for that here.

Are Your Problems Solved Now?

We hope this comprehensive guide helped you fix the game launching on the wrong monitor or dual-monitor issues.

We also recommend installing and running Windows optimization and protection software offered below.
It will automatically detect any problems that might be causing your monitor issues.

If you faced any problems while trying these solutions, then feel free to ask us in a comment or reach out to our team. We are always here to respond to your queries and try to solve your PC problems at our best.

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