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Missing Xvidcore.dll

Hey, computer whizzes! I've got this annoying Xvidcore.dll error playing hide-and-seek on my screen. Can you help me catch and tame this pesky critter? Much appreciated!
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Nowadays when working with Windows OS, encountering errors related to Dynamic Link Library (DLL)1 files is not uncommon. One such error is the ‘Xvidcore.dll missing or not found’ message. 

Xvidcore.dll Missing or Not Found 3 Quick Solutions

In this guide we aim to demystify this Xvidcore.dll not found error by exploring its causes, symptoms, and solutions, ensuring that even non-tech-savvy readers can understand and fix this problem.

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What Does Xvidcore.dll Do & Is It Important?

Xvidcore.dll is a crucial file in the Windows operating system, associated with the XviD codec, which is widely used for video playback and decompression.
This DLL file is vital for running applications that require video processing and playback functionalities.

Common Causes of the Xvidcore.dll Error

  • Accidental Deletion: The Xvidcore.dll file may be accidentally deleted by the user or by a program installation.
  • File Corruption: This file can become corrupt due to malware or virus attacks, leading to the error.
  • Faulty Installations: Improper installation of applications that rely on Xvidcore.dll can cause this error.
  • Registry Issues: The Windows registry2 may have invalid entries related to Xvidcore.dll, leading to problems.
  • Outdated Drivers: Occasionally, outdated or incompatible device drivers3 can cause DLL errors.

Is It An Xvidcore.dll Error? How to Tell

Error Messages: Messages like ‘Xvidcore.dll not found’ or ‘Xvidcore.dll is missing’ are common indicators.
Some of the other messages you might receive could be:

  • The program couldn’t start because xvidcore.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
  • There was a problem starting xvidcore.dll. The specified module could not be found.
  • Error loading xvidcore.dll. The specified module could not be found.
  • The code execution cannot proceed because xvidcore.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
  • xvidcore.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.

Application Failures: Programs requiring Xvidcore.dll might fail to start or crash unexpectedly.
System Instability: The system may become unstable, with frequent crashes or freezing.

How to Easily Fix Xvidcore.dll Errors?

Bonus Solution #1: Use a Dedicated DLL Fixer

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Downloading and running iolo System Mechanic can save you a lot of time and headache as it automatically detects and fixes all DLL errors.

Bonus Solution #2: Download Xvidcore.DLL for Free

If you’re just encountering a missing DLL issue, simply downloading the DLL file and placing it into an appropriate folder would most likely fix the issue.
Here’s where you can download it:

For 64-bit systems, the DLL files most often need to be placed in C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64.
For 32-bit systems, the DLL files most often need to be placed in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32.
Sometimes DLL files need to be placed directly into your game/application folder that’s causing the issue.

3 Advanced Ways How to Fix Xvidcore.dll Errors

Solution 1: Download & Install Xvid Codec Manually

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download xvid codec
  • Download Xvidcore.dll:
    Visit the Xvid official download page and select ‘Xvid for Windows’.
  • Installation Process:
    • Double-click the downloaded file to initiate installation.
    • Choose your preferred language and click ‘OK’.
    • Proceed through the installation by clicking ‘Next’, agreeing to the terms of service, and selecting the installation directory (the default location is generally suitable).
    • Opt for update notifications by choosing ‘Yes, automatically notify me when updates are available’ and then click ‘Next’.
    • Skip decoder selection by clicking ‘Next’.
    • Complete the installation by clicking ‘Next’ again and waiting for the setup to finish.

Solution 2: Do a System File Checker (SFC) Scan

sfc scan now
  • Open Command Prompt as an administrator by right-clicking on the Start menu and selecting “Command Prompt (Admin)”.
  • Type sfc /scannow and press Enter. This process will scan and repair any corrupted system files, which might include the Xvidcore.dll file.

Solution 3: Do a Clean PC Boot

Run msconfig
  • Press Windows + R, type msconfig, and press Enter to open the System Configuration utility.
  • Go to the ‘Services’ tab, check ‘Hide all Microsoft services’, and then click ‘Disable all’.
  • Switch to the ‘Startup’ tab and open Task Manager. Disable all startup items.
  • Restart your computer. If the error does not appear in clean boot mode, it indicates a conflict with third-party software, which can then be isolated and removed or updated.

Last Piece of Advice

By incorporating these steps mentioned above, you have all the right tools to resolve the Xvidcore.dll missing or not found error.

We also recommend utilizing the software solutions listed below to automatically resolve any issues with missing or corrupted Xvidcore or any other DLL files. This tool can efficiently diagnose and repair DLL problems, simplifying the process of restoring your system’s functionality.

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If your Xvidcore.dll errors are still not fixed — feel free to reach out to us via email and share your problem.

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