About Us

WindowsGuided.com is a website created by Iggy Shells (me) a PC and particularly Windows enthusiast.
Literally, billions of people use computers every day and the vast majority of them run on Windows operating system.

It’s no surprise that among hundreds and thousands of different apps, settings, etc. — there’s always room for errors and glitches.
More often than not — an error or any kind of issue is experienced by multiple people, sometimes even thousands.
Solutions vary in each case but in 99% of situations the fixes are existent and manageable either by the user itself (with simple guidance) or by powerful automated software.
The days of expensive PC technicians are pretty much over.

This is the main point of WindowsGuided — to provide quick, efficient and comprehensive guides on how to fix various PC issues: hardware faults, application errors, missing system files, and even provide resolutions for virus and malware infections.

Every guide you see on our site is carefully vetted and hand-tested personally by me and our experts.
We don’t use lame generic approaches, filler content, etc. Where possible – we provide some QUICK steps on how you can solve the issue without reading the whole guide and wasting your time.

Lastly, we encourage people to contact us and write us an email if they have any issues or questions – we thoroughly read each and every one of them and address issues that come up to multiple people.